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AbleGamers opens a dev portal for accessibility info

AbleGamers has launched a new website in the interest of giving game developers access to more information on how to make their games more accessible through community collaboration.

The website, Accessible.Games, features what AbleGamers calls the Accessible Player Experience (APX) Portal as well as the Player Panels program the organization launched a few years back.

It's a useful tool for developers that offers a solid starting point for creating games that are accessible to a wider variety of players right out of the box, and one that comes with a wealth of information on a variety of accessibility considerations.

The APX Portal offers devs examples of different design problems, suggestions for how to approach those issues, and examples of the pattern in action. Right now that section includes over 20 different design patterns, filed as either down between categories for access and challenge. AbleGamers says that those resources will continue to evolve in the future as well.

The other side of Accessible.Games aims to connect players with disabilities to game developers seeking input on accessibility features in their own games. Devs can find information on how to submit a project for that program, as all of the information from the APX portal, on AbleGamers’ new site.

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