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Call Of Duty Tournament Held To Honor Adrian Rodriguez

Call Of Duty tournament was held over the weekend to honor nine-year-old Adrian Rodriguez after he died of cancer last year.

For years, video games have been blamed for some of the worst things in society all too often and that children of the past two decades have been influenced by some of the actions they see in games. Even tragedies as awful as some of the horrific school shootings that have taken place have been blamed on the instigators being fans of games such as Grand Theft Auto.

Games are not celebrated for the good that they do in society nearly enough. That's where nine-year-old Adrian Rodriguez comes in. Adrian sadly passed away in 2018 following a battle with cancer. During his life, he was an avid gamer. His mother, Koko, told ABC that before he could even walk, he would play with a Wii controller. When he got old enough to have his own console, an Xbox 360 and then an Xbox One, he began to play Call Of Duty.

"His friends were the online gaming community. They couldn’t see him, or judge him, or feel sorry for him," his mom explained. It was somewhere where people didn't know he had cancer and he could just be a kid. His older brother Alex spoke about how good Adrian would become at CoD, even admitting that he was better than him.

To celebrate Adrian's life and love of CoD, a tournament was held in his honor this past weekend. While the exact number of players and amount of money raised is unknown, the entry fees for the tournament will all be donated to Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters to help aid cancer research.

Next time you're playing CoD or Fortnite or any other game online for that matter, remember that like Adrian, some might be playing that game as an escape from something horrible they have to live with.

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