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Gamer marathon for Alzheimer’s Research UK

A gamer from Folkestone is taking part in an online marathon, lasting over an entire day, in aid of charity.

Adrian Cremin, 27, will be organizing, hosting and taking part in a 36-hour gaming challenge, to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK on Saturday, March 23.

The library support desk worker at the University of Kent and his friends in the gaming community are taking on the challenge after he lost his much-loved grandma, Barbara, to the disease five years ago.

Barbara helped raise Adrian when he was a child, and he was deeply affected by her illness and loss.

Throughout that difficult time, he says that online gaming, and the community that he found there, helped him cope with the distress.

He said: "Gaming is my outlet. That was where I went when I was feeling bad.

"I’m doing something that I love to raise money for the cause that’s closest to my heart.

"I can’t think of a better way to do it. For me, it was a bit of a no-brainer."

The marathon will be live-streamed on his Twitch channel, an internet video platform. He will play with six friends, all against one another, including some in America with no sleep for a day and a half.

He said: "I've done a couple of 24-hour sessions for charity already. It's exhausting.

"It is straining on your eyes and tiring.

"Coping wise - I'll have lots of snacks, water, and caffeine. Generally, anything to keep my energy levels up."

They will play games including Grand Theft Auto, Rocket League, and Destiny so they can all play multiplayer, starting from 10 am.

Describing his grandma, he said he prefers to remember her in healthy times: "She was very kind and caring. She was a feeder though - she was an incredible cook! She always put her family first and she was a bit of a formidable woman.

"Her Alzheimer’s had a detrimental effect on the whole family."

The charity hopes to find the first life-changing treatment or cure for the disease by 2025.

According to the charity, gaming marathon challenges are a new and increasingly popular means of fundraising among young people.

To donate to Adrian's cause, visit his JustGiving page.

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