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Committed video gamer Rob Walker from Shrewsbury attempts to complete two different types of marathon over the weekend to raise money for people with disabilities.

In recent years Rob and his wife Amy have raised over £2,235 by playing video games continuously for 24 hours as part of the UK’s largest gaming marathon weekend. This year, Rob has taken the gaming marathon literally and plans to complete a solo 26 mile walk on a treadmill while playing video games as well as their usual 24-hour continuous gaming marathon.

The couple have two extra players; Mica and Nathan to aid them and their goal in raising £950 for the charity SpecialEffect, who use technology to help people with disabilities benefit from the fun and inclusion of video games.

Rob and the team are asking people to help them reach their target by sponsoring them via their online fundraising page.

“A lot of people have said playing video games for 24 hours straight is easy,” says Rob Walker, Manager of GAME in Shrewsbury, “but this year I want to attempt something new to highlight the charity. A friend told me to take it literally so I decided to walk a marathon while playing games, too.”

Amy says: “It will be a struggle to stay awake all night but it’s a small price to pay to help such an amazing cause. We’ll be there to cheer each other on when it gets really tough!”

“Playing for 24 hours is a big challenge, but we’re asking people to attempt it to help the thousands of people who, because of a disability, can only sit and watch other people have all the fun with family and friends.” said Tom Donegan, the charity’s Events Organiser.

“GameBlast is an opportunity for people to do what they love best and level the playing field for people with disabilities at the same time.”

The charity is inviting teams of friends, family members and work colleagues to join the GameBlast event, which has been likened to a ‘Children in Need’ for gamers. It’s backed by big names in the games industry including GAME and Twitch, and aims to raise £100,000.

Rob, Amy, Mica and Nathan’s efforts will help people like John ( who never thought he'd be able to play video games again because his muscular dystrophy stopped him using a controller,” said Tom. “The sponsorship raised through the GameBlast weekend will change the lives of many more people like John through the gift of gaming fun and inclusivity.”

Visit GAME’s twitter channel @GAMEShrewsbury to see what fundraising events they have planned in the run up to the weekend. More details of the GameBlast19 event can be found at

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