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Gamer forming e-sports league for charity

Zak Fisher, who is attempting to gather local players into an e-sports league where the champions' purse will be donated to local charities and matched by the company where he is a web designer.

The concept is easy -- individuals or teams come together to play online against others. The top teams after a specified league schedule make it into a playoff format with the championship played out on a stage with a paying audience

Fisher, 24, established the website:, where those interested can register, initially for free, and vote on their choice of a dozen games. Some of the games are for individual competitors while others are for teams of five or six.

At the end of the voting period, expected to be about two weeks, the three games receiving the most votes will become the arenas for a six-week "season," followed by two playoff games.

Before the season begins, those who want to participate must pay a $25 registration fee. The money will be held in an account until after the championship is decided.

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