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Manchester Gamers Unite

Manchester Gamers Unite is a bi-monthly games event, which will kick off 2019 on March 26th with its biggest event yet, as it relocates to Manchester’s Impossible.

Local and triple-A studios are expected to attend the event, which will also include gaming competitions, charity raffles, early development games, networking opportunities, and more.

The last Manchester Gamers Unite night was held late last year and had over 500 gamers through the door to become the most successful Manchester Gamers Unite event yet. Companies such as Sony, Ubisoft, EA and Activision all have exhibited at the event while studios like Milky Tea, Tri-Heart Interactive and Huey Games have also showcased their titles at the event.

Set up in 2017, Manchester Gamers Unite is an open invite event that attracts developers, enthusiasts and students, with the chance for developers to get their builds in front of gamers, for publishers to showcase new games and for the industry to network.

You can purchase tickets for the event here, while publishers and developers wishing to exhibit can get in touch with Simran and the Gamers Unite team at

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