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It’s almost time for Nintendo World Reports 9th charity live stream on January 26th.

We're raising money for the children!

It's time for Nintendo World Report's Charity Live Stream, where we talk about Nintendo for half a day while raising money for the kids.

What is Child's Play? "A game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 100 hospitals worldwide."

What are we doing? An all day Live Stream to raise money that will provide games and toys for kids in hospital. The more money we raise, the longer we go! Even if we hit our goal we'll continue with additional stretch goals!

We’ll also be giving out prizes in a multitude of ways both on-air during the live stream and in the days leading up to it! See below for a detailed list of more than 59 different prizes to choose from!

Check back here during the live stream for new giveaways EVERY HOUR! (Giveaway entry forms are at the bottom of this article)

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